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This material originally appeared in the May 1969 issue of Esquire magazine

Say hello to the Dirty Half Dozen,
Sierra Bandit, The American Playground
and all the Superstars of the
New Theatre

An Album by Andy Warhol
Say goodby to the Dirty Half Dozen, Sierra Bandit, The American Playground and
all the superstars of the New Theatre!

Not the sort of folks you are likely to see on your home color screen, right? That's because the networks don't think you're ready for them. But what do they know? Sierra Bandit and her pals in the New Theatre (or, to be more precise, the old avant-garde) are talking to you, reader, trying to shock you into a keener awareness of the evil of your days. Trouble is, they make the mass-media nervous and consequently can't get at you. So there they are, trying to do their thing, and there you are, watching the late movie. Within this void superstars come and go, for the mortality rate is high. They are neither born nor made-they just happen, and after a while they either stop happening altogether or go on to something else. To record this significant moment in our cultural history, Esquire has assembled several New Theatre groups and their stars to pose before the Kodak Instamatic camera of the Mathew Brady of the movement, Andy Warhol.

Unflinchingly, Warhol trained his camera on these enthusiastic young people and shot everything, including himself. One group arrived for the session and immediately disrobed; another stomped on a piece of sculpture in Warhol's Factory; yet another hit him for dinner at Max's Kansas City; and one more ate the New York Daily News before his very eyes. "Everyone sure is wild these days," Warhol said, turning in his finished art in pink drugstore envelopes.

The Indians of Manhattan

An Album by Andy Warhol
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Brooklyn Politics: Due to the tireless efforts of Brooklyn District Attorney Charles "Joe" Hynes,
the people of New York City remain safe from that gang of marauding political reprobates – Sandra Roper, John O'Hara, and Judge John Phillips.

New York City's Little Italy

Short Stories and Social Commentary
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Hudson County Facts Winter 2006 by Anthony Olszewski
Hudson County, New Jersey is a place of many firsts including genocide and slavery.
Political corruption is a tradition here.
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The Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, and The Central Railroad Terminal
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