Five Families - The New York City Mafia

Stealth Jet During OpSail 2000

The surreal impression that the Jet imparts was even more evident during the actual viewing. From the side, this aircraft is almost invisible. It seemed to materialize out of nowhere.
The photograph was taken from the Jersey City side of the Hudson River (just north of the Colgate clock.)

Thinking about Desert Storm, after actually seeing this aircraft, it's hard to believe that the Iraqis took so long to surrender!

Unretouched images from scans of actual photographs
Photos by T. Pike,

The Indians of Manhattan Island and Vicinity

NYC Little Italy

An Album by Andy Warhol

Horse and Cart for Hire in Times Square
B. Landes 1998

Beware of Mad Cow Disease!

Short Stories and Social Commentary

The Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, and The Central Railroad Terminal
Visit Liberty State Park!

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